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Welcome to the Testing Website for The Bridge. You may submit your music events north of the GG Bridge free for three months. Simply click submit events above and fill in the form. Please read the notes. You don’t need an account to browse events. For assistance email Cindy Jenkins at:

Welcome to The Bridge!

Join us Sept. 24, 2023 at 1:00 PM Pacific Time for our next episode of The Bridge.

We’ll chat with Carol Casey of The Sonoma Shakers as well as Steve Thoma and Shaun Hornby of Lake County Diamonds about music events and more!

Bridging North Bay’s Music Communities

At The Bridge, we’re all about cultivating creativity, forging connections, and celebrating the vibrant music scenes in Northern California’s North Bay Area. Our objective is simple: to bridge the gap between musicians, fans, and the local music communities via a Facebook live stream show and an interactive companion website.

Discover Your Music Scene

The portal to the epicenter of North Bay’s music scenes is this website. Become a member of our community to participate in something more. Here, you can create and publish musical events for the North Bay Area, ensuring that music fans never miss the best shows, concerts, and local events.

Live Music Like Never Before

But that’s not all. The Bridge brings you even closer to the action with our live stream show. We showcase the talents of regional musicians, bands, and other artists who are making waves in the North Bay music communities. You can enjoy the show, then visit the companion website to see when your favorite bands are playing and where.

Your adventure begins right here.

Come along with us as we travel around Northern California’s North Bay Area on The Bridge. Our platform is a gateway to the local music landscape, whether you’re a dedicated music fan, an aspiring musician, venue, band, or just seeking to have fun.

We’re thrilled to have you on board and are looking forward to taking you out and about as we explore the diverse North Bay music scenes. So tune in, participate in the discussion, and let’s work together to bridge the gaps.

The Bridge – Where Music Lives!

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